The S7 safety cutter is without equal & extremely functional. Designed for safety, efficiency, and worker satisfaction, yet versatile enough for most fast-paced merchandising environments! (Patent pending)
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Universal Fit, Function & Efficiency in One Great Tool!

This revolutionary cutter is equipped with a long-lasting, rugged, cast metal safety blade / guard system, designed specifically for continuous or occasional (top) carton cutting and enhanced with additional safety features throughout. The safety blade / guard activation system safely extends the blade & guard in tandem, protecting against exposed razor blade cuts, while cutting. Additionally since the blade / guard extends for cutting only, the spring-back action eliminates the risk of cutter injuries, which in the end increases profits and eliminates medical insurance claims. Designed as a universal right and left handed cutter, it can be switched from right to left hand, as easily as a blade change. Increase profitability using a single, 3-in-1 tool, that is equipped to handle the most demanding stocking, and warehouse tasks efficiently. The all-new S7 Universal Safety Cutter...Get your hands on one today.

Innovative Features:
  • Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds / damaged merchandise
  • Top cut position for safe carton cutting / opening
Safety First System®
Light-duty cutting, Tape splitter, Tray Display Cutter
Warehousing, Grocery Store Worker, Facilities Workers, Retail Workers
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Product Name: S7 Safety Cutter- Universal Right or Left Handed Units per Case: 72Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  Units per Inner Pack: 12Universal Product Code: 0-73441-00537-8
Includes: Cutter, 1 Safety blade and/or 1 holster  Length: 5.638
Blade Thickness: .017